Concrete Grades and Ratio Chart in PDF

Concrete Grades Chart

Concrete is most important in House Construction whatever structure your making. It is the soul of the house, and strengthen the total house.

But the actual problem finding which grades concrete is better for the house. House is not a single structure it was built with Foundation, Columns, Beams, Slab.

Every Construction needs different types of concrete to get its full strength. That’s why standard department graded concrete as M5, M10, M15, M20, M25 these grades are mostly used in house construction.

Concrete Table PDF

Basically concrete grades start from M5 and end with M100 but m100 grade mostly used in Roads, Big Projects.

In this particular post we are providing this Grades chart for free of cost for Telugu people with the Telugu language you can download this chart use as per your requirement.

We covered every aspect of the concrete grades in this chart like its compressive strength, Cement, Sand, Aggregate Ratio, and water quantity of 50KG cement bag.

if you don’t know how to use this chart simply you can visit our video tutorial and find the complete information and usage of the chart.

We covered the below topics in video

  1. What is Concrete and how it is made?
  2. Grades of Concrete and its uses.
  3. How grades are named as M5, M7.5, etc…
  4. Water Quantity of different grades.

we are providing this detailed information on youtube you can check here.

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