2.5 Cent House plan with All Requirements

Hi, friends in this post I am going to show you the 2.5 cent or 121 yards house plan in 3D, and as well as you can download the same plan in pdf of image format which will comfort you.

I explain a little bit about the house plan, we designed a car parking area and dining especially in this area. 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms also provided.

you can check the 3D images below.

to watch this house plan video in 3D you can visit this link of youtube.

Also, we are providing a PDF plan also if you wish to download the PDF you can follow this instruction. visit the link which I provided in the post. we uploaded this pdf safely in google drive.

Download PDF Plan

2d Image plan with simple measurements available below.


2d plan image with exact measurements of Rooms


If you like my effort then please share our post with your friends it will be helpful to use improvement. you won’t build any 3d plan contact us the contact page thankyou.

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