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2ed in Pledge generation - If you think it's just a Commitment Pledge, it's a mistake because you have to say one word about what's trending the world right now.

In the present world, a virus, like a single, devastating virus that kills and destroys the human respiratory system, is invisible to the eye. That is called as Coronavirus (COVID-19).
It is no exaggeration to say that nearly all of the world’s countries are rolling around. After you have stated in one word how the virus spreads to this region, let us know in detail how this commitment Pledge works for you.

This invisible virus has come to life in China in the last few months. It was present in some species of birds earlier than in the human body. It gradually began to be transmitted to humans by humans who ate the birds.

"Sharing your commitment Pledge on your social media reflects your personality."

The whole world today is expanding from one to the next. This is because the virus can infect others, even though the air, by going close to the infected person.

This is why the WHO declares it a global emergency.

What is the need for a commitment Pledge?

You can easily take this commitment Pledge on your phone but share it with your family, friends or close friends via social media. Your commitment to world prosperity and the country will awaken them.

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