Liquor shops, wine shops reopen today During lock down

As per the government order, only standalone shops will be allowed to sell liquor; malls or liquor shops in shopping complexes will remain closed. This has prompted people to throng liquor shops in huge numbers, flouting of social distancing norms.

Opening and closing timings

In most states they will remain open from 8 am to 7pm pm only.

How to know Is your local liquor shop open?

These below things will tell you is your liquor shops open or not.

If your local alcohol shop is located in a mall or a marketing complex, it will not be open.

Delhi government has asked concerned departments to provide a list of all liquor shops that conform to the Home Ministry guidelines for reopening.

If your nearest liquor store falls in a containment area, it will remain closed till situation improves.

Only standalone liquor shops have been allowed to operate in red, orange and green zones.

Most of the sates are following these instructions at wine shops. keep social distance anywhere wether it liquor shop or any where. stay safe stay home. and fight against corona.

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3 thoughts on “Liquor shops, wine shops reopen today During lock down”

  1. The most idiotic decision taken by government . This has not only put the efforts in vain of citizens but had also wasted all the hard work of each corona warrior….

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