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Let us know the things you can do with this commitment Pledge. The Coronavirus, which afflicts the developed world, also entered India a few days ago.

In such a case, it will have a tremendous impact on developing India both health and financial.

The Central and State Governments of the country are working hard to curb this. Only governments will not save India from this danger.

Now let's see in detail how this commitment Pledge can help you as a citizen to get out of it.

There are two things you need to do as a responsible citizen.

1) Practicing personal hygiene means that you don't get out of your house.

2) Educate our family members on Coronavirus. Notifying people to take the virus.

Indians are following the lockdown at the call of the Prime Minister of India. In this way, it is easy to identify people who are infected with corona by conducting social home detention, and at the same time, it helps protect others from being infected.

Let me now tell you how our commitment Pledge is useful for you to participate in corona chain control.

You can obtain this commitment Pledge by simply entering your name. You may have doubts about the use of the Pledge received. My answer to that is ..!

Sharing your commitment Pledge on your social media reflects your personality.

What you are doing is good work so that you and some others can be involved and help to alleviate the problem of the country.

So it is important that you share the commitment Pledge you have received with others, which is essential for the protection of the country.

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